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Below you will find some of our items from our service menu. All tuneups include diagnostic scan for any present codes, replacement of spark plugs, decarb engine and cleaning of throttle body. ***Please note that not all 4,6 and 8 cylinder engines are the same. Some vary in costs depending on year, make and model of vehicle. If you call ahead to make an appointment, we can give you an accurate estimate for tuneup cost in advance.
Oil Change (up to 5 quarts) regular gas engines
                                  $24.95 (plus tax)
Synthetic Oil Change (up to 5 quarts)
                                  $69.95 (plus tax)
Diesel Engines Prior to 2002 (up to 12 quarts)
                                  $99.95(plus tax)
Diesel Engines After 2003
                                  $99.95 (plus tax)
Dodge Sprinters (LOF starting at)
                                  $149.95 (plus tax)
Transmission Service (up to 8 quarts)                                  $139.00 (plus tax)
Brakes (Pads Only - Per Axle)                                  $99.00 (plus tax)
Brakes (Pads & Rotors - Per Axle)                                  $249.99plus tax)
Clean & Adjust Rear Brakes                                  $29.95 (plus tax)
Brake Flush                                  $39.95 (plus tax)
Rotate Tires                                  $10.00 (plus tax)
Check Engine Light (Diagnostic/Scanner)                                  $40.00 (plus tax)
Tune Up (4 cylinder engines)***                                  $110.00 (plus tax)                                                           
Tune Up (6 cylinder engines)***                                  $135.00 (plus tax)
Tune Up (8 cylinder engines)***
                                  $150.00 (plus tax)
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